The National Dialogue teams have left the capital Juba for three points of interactions with the grassroots in compiling their views for the purpose of achieving the much longed for peace in the country. Three sub-committees are on the ground in Central Equatoria, Upper Nile and Northern Bahr El Ghazal. The first batch left on Saturday and the others will start their journey for the hunt of peace today. This is of course what the leadership had in mind when mooting and initiating this important move for the country few months back. That it is inclusive cannot be doubted because we are aware that a delegation left yesterday for South Africa, equally with the same purpose to reach all inclusive. For the teams in the countryside and those in South Africa let reason(s) prevail and be able to have a successful and meaningful meeting of all stakeholders and key players. Much have been said and now that the action has started, every citizen has a right to come forward and lay it on the table of the team in his or her area to enable the committee come up with a formed opinion of all-inclusive for the good of the country. It should be done with open mind without fear or favour and without an iota feeling intimidated. We are appealing to those with opposed views to take this chance and make their views known and let the public judge for themselves. This is what democracy is all about among others. Freedom of expression is one of the key elements in solving a situation that would have seemed unsolvable. It is this time that everyone must make use of. It will be pointless not to use this time to openly air your needs for the country and then start complaining later that you did not get a chance. Let us all use this chance to bring a lasting peace in the country.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


A very important message was sent to me yesterday morning titled “seven friends to keep forever.” For now let us not bother about who the source is. One, those who open their hearts and tell you the truth even if it hurts. Two, those who come to your rescue during your deepest crisis Three, those who are matured enough to respect your privacy. Four, those who encourage and inspire you to be the best you can be. Five, those who have proven overtime to be dependable and reliable. Six, those who understand your baggage and are willing to help you unpack and Seven, those who give to you equally as they take from you. This where considering who among them could be the best not lose in case of a situation or circumstances. It was turning out that our situation may not allow us to keep all these friends but we are told they are the only one to keep for life continuity. Possible or impossible would be another thing altogether. This message dug deep into our hearts and we started examining ourselves if indeed we are true friends to one another. What could be the measurement since those you relate with and think are your best buddies are the same back-slashing you in your presence or absence disregarding the bible which says the most important thing in life is to forgive one another and your God will forgive you. In our midst we have friends who are not friends at all. This is the world where we are today unlike where our grand-fathers grew up in which a brother remained a brother and a sister and a child belonged to community. There is no good time no more. Things have changed and our friend SaPT is not taking anybody with a light touch. We reminded him of the old good time among us and the need to forgive, but as usual, this time around he was not ready for dialogue with anyone. Sometime, l longed to know his origin and may be talk to his ancestors who could talk him into reasoning, but we had no chance. We longed for the days and times that we could be a one unit to stand against any windfall, but things were not working our way. We went back and knelt down to our creator to bring peace among us and all of us to learn to forgive one another for the prosperity of our being and mankind as long as we are still living in this world. This route in narrow but a sure route to follow to everlasting life.



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