Girls should remain focused on education

The Progamme Manager of Justice Foundation Organization, Acayo Nancy Cirino is urging girls to focus on education in order to get a profession before they rush for marriage.

Speaking at a career fair organized by Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) which supports girl-child education in the country, Nancy advised poor girls to seek assistance from organizations that support education of school girls.

“If you have a goal you need to achieve, then one thing to do is put boys aside. If at all a girl cannot afford sanitary towels, let the girl not be deceived by a boy that he will give sanitary towel but at the end of it all he will get his payment through sexual intercourse. That is not right. If you cannot afford sanitary towels, go and talk to a girl like in Justice Foundation; we also support girls,” she said. “If you cannot afford sanitary towels call us and come to us. We can see how we can help you. We want to keep girls in school by giving them the necessary materials for them to be at school,” Nancy added.

She advised girls to dissociate from wrong peer groups.

“You know if you are focused and you want to become somebody in future then there are some things that you are going to cut off; like pornographic movies, may be going to clubs over the weekend and drinking alcohol. You know, do something that you know that your future is going to be bright,” she said.

She said girls who go for clubs and involve in overdrinking alcohol are not focused on their future development.

“You have to know your peer group; the type of people that you are working with. Are they in the same way that you want? Are they of the same inspiration? Do they want to become important in future? If at all they have the same goals you want then you continue with them, but then if you have friends that alcoholic. They go to night clubs. They don’t sleep at home at night then those are not the friends you may want. If those are your friends then try to change them,” she said. “But then having friends who go clubbing and you don’t club, they will send you to the wrong side of the road,” Nancy added.

Nancy said having more female teachers would encourage more girls to schools as some girls don’t easily share their problems with male teachers.

“Having more female teachers would encourage more girls to go to school because a teacher is not only a teacher but a mentor. There are some girls who cannot open up to male teachers in case of any difficulties. So if at all we have more female teachers in schools then we will have girls opening up to female teachers which can lead them to better lives,” she said.

She urged girls to work hard in order to become important leaders in their lives.

Intisar Abdallah is a senior three student from Juba Day Secondary School. She said she would like to become a businesswoman in order to support the people in need.

“For you to have a better life and future, you have to struggle. No one will struggle for your life,” she said.

She appreciated the support being given by GESS which has enabled many girls to remain in school.

Grace Juan Moses, a student of senior three sciences, said she would like to work hard to become a doctor in order to open her own hospital to help the poor people.

“Our fathers tell us that we girls are just their property. But according to me it is totally wrong. I want to struggle for my future. I want to become a doctor because there are few doctors in our country. So, I want to struggle with my own heart and mind to become a doctor so that I will open my own hospital to help those poor people who don’t have money for the private hospitals,” student Juan said.

She said she would like to show good example to boys and men who value girls as property in order to make a difference.

“We need to tell them we can also do the same thing they do,” she said.

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