Girls should make good use of the Money

By Martha David

The headteacher of Juba one Primary School has asked all the primary school girls to use the GESS money for useful needs.

Mary Samuel said some girls when they get the money use it to buy clothes and some other useless things.

“This money should be used in good ways even if it is small, let this money be used in a right way,” Mary said.

Mary said every girl gets a total of 4,100 SSP in two terms, this year they have extended the duration up to five months and that has helped the girls to attend school.

She asked parents not to use that money for business or buy some other things which cannot help.

Madam Mary said although the money came late, it is helping in this hard situation.

“This money is not really enough for the students because of the economic crisis but we give thanks to the donors and at least it is helping in some situation,” he added.

Haram Mohamed from primary six said the money had helped her a lot and it has been a good initiative from the donors to support girls.

“I bought some books, pads and pants for myself and I give thanks to those who help us,” Haram said.

Sofia Ali Harroun from primary eight said the money came at the right time when she was in need.

“I didn’t have money for my needs, but when they gave me the money I felt happy. I went to the market and bought all my needs and also I bought some books for next year,” he said.

She said this money is helping because her family was broke   and sometimes she could not afford.

Sofia advised girls who are dropping out of school to go back to school because it’s the future even though there is no money that can support.

Let them come back to school even though there is no money, you can come to the headteacher and she can help us and give us what we need especially for menstrual period.”

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