Girls put more effort on football in Juba

By Daniel Abe

Jubek state was one of the states in the Republic of South Sudan, where by it is one of the states which South Sudan city lies.

Girls in Jubek state deserve more effort towards football in some areas in Jubek state like Gudele residential areas blocks (7, 9, 5, and 4) and Joppa residential areas, where football is one of the fundamental international associations worldwide.

Since the independence of the Republic of South Sudan, girls have not been participating in the football games where as in some years after the independence of South Sudan especially two years ago, girls has shown up their effort towards football practice.

Earlier on Sunday, the 21st July 2019 there was a match between Gudele Block 7 girls’ team and Joppa Girls team at Zain Football ground. The match was attended by more than two hundred funs. The match ended in a draw (2-2), therefore I interviewed one of the team Captains Suzy Juma, on Sunday 21st July after the match, she stated in her statement that she was very happy towards the participation of girls in football and also mentioned that football creates good relationship.

Also in her statement, she added that, she was appealing to all the Girls in South Sudan particularly in Football, because football gives someone energy and keeps your body fresh and the good thing is that football creates strong relationships between people within South Sudan and outside the Country as well.

Suzy appealed to South Sudan football Association to support Girls participation in football in the Country.


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