Girls’ needs should not be neglected by their parents

By Esther Aurelio Agira

Some p

arents still look at their girls as sources of richness and they have great expectations from their girls, to the extent that they look for a suitor from a rich family or men who are public figures to marry their daughters regardless of if the man is honest, God fearing, has self-respect, is educated, having many wives. Unfortunately, parents barely take those questions into their consideration. It is good for the parents to ensure a bright future for their girls but it should not be on the account of their wellbeing.

People should not look at girls as an asset that they can benefit from by getting them married to the rich men in exchange for dowry. In doing so, they encourage cattle raiding, because if the person is poor, he would think of going to loot another village cows in order to get to marry. If the person gets killed in this process, the society will start to  point figures at the girls, without taking into consideration that is not their fault because the dowry is not going to be given to the bride but to her family but she is the one going to pay the price of her parent’s ill-thought decision. 

We should learn how to take care of our girls better right from their childhood age, through their adolescent age, up to adulthood like taking them to good schools. Parents, be the best friend to your child, answer their questions, and provide their basic needs. All girls have needs which sometimes they cannot talk about due to fear of being ridiculed or stigmatized. They fall shy and so it is good to be aware of the needs of your daughter such as the onset of menstruation and how to manage and live with it, by providing soap for the personal hygiene, body lotion for their skin among others. I have mentioned few which are the basic needs, if the person at home doesn’t provide those needs, where else do you think they will get them from? They may get them from a certain men outside home with thinking that he is sympathizing with her, and later a man will sexually exploit her. The reality is that those needs are there and for every girl at home but the issue is being ignored by some parents.

It is very important for the parents to provide their daughters with those needs, and also parents should be open to their girls, spend time with them, otherwise they will get the information from the wrong persons and of course the girl will do the wrong thing too, that’s where the problem arises.  Therefore, it is very important for mothers and fathers to become friends with their children and by doing so, the girls will have a bright future, which will benefit her family as well as the community at large.  

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