Girl child education is paramount

Akuach Moses Mayindi in graduation gown together with her mother and father standing (L) during the graduation ceremony 18/06/2018 (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol)

By Martin Manyiel Wugol/Kampala

Rainbow International School Uganda is one of the private secondary schools which accommodates thousands of foreign students all over the world.

The school is located at Kansaga in Uganda.

Akuach Moses Mayindi said she was delighted to score division one in Rainbow International School.

She said being a girl doesn’t deprive once intelligence to excel in education.

“My message to fellow South Sudanese girls is that; time has come for South Sudanese girls to say enough is enough. The only remaining part is for education”, she said.

Akuach who among thousands female students advised fellow girls not to wait for early marriage but should continue with school.

According to Uganda system of education, all those who passed highly in their secondary level will get direct entry into various universities because of their extraordinary performances.

Eng Moses Mayindi told journalists during the graduation ceremony that girl child education is paramount.

“When you educate girl you educate the nation. This is not just mere expression but the reality of today the future is secured only through education”, he said.

He advice girls to realize their future dreams and potentials by giving themselves chances to study instead of using them as sources of wealth according to South Sudanese mindset.

In his closing remarks Rainbow International School Principal Mr. Jason Lewis congratulated and encourages the parents and particularly South Sudanese parents to invest their resources in girl child education.

He said girl child education quickly pay back to both family if all are given chance to further their education without interruption.

Mr. Jason said early marriages are so destructive to future and the nation building for young girls.

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