Get tankers out of the city

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Members of Civil Society group have called on the government to stop water tank drivers from driving since they have killed many innocent lives through road accidents in the country.

The call came after a water tank driver killed singer Trisha C as well asa Boda-boda rider at MobilRoundabout on Monday which has claimed three lives so far.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Executive Director Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA), Ter Manyang Gatwech said the issue of water tankers killing innocent citizens is due to negligence from the government to restrict foreigners from doing domestic work which the citizens of the country can do.

“As Center for Peace and Advocacy we urge the government especially department of Traffic Police to stop giving out driving permit to the foreigners. Based on my observation, when you are a foreigner, you are not supposed to be given driving permit,” Mr. Gatwech said.

He cited an example saying neighboring countries like Uganda do not allow foreigners to possess driving permit.

“When we see Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi you may not find a single foreigner driving domestic cars but because our government does not give restriction our country become a free ground for any person coming from anywhere,” he complained.

The Chairperson for Women’s Bloc South Sudan, Amer Manyok Deng said Traffic Police should not allow water tank drivers who are still learning how to drive to drive on the public road.

“Those water tank drivers are very rough. They don’t even give way or any chance to every citizen, they don’t respect people on the road, they need to be the first to go,” Ms. Deng said.

She added that government should check the foreign drivers’ license to verify whether they went to driving school.

“I believe there is a law which is guiding the traffic police. Most of the water tankdrivers came and learnt driving in South Sudan,” she argued.

This is not the first time for water tank driver to cause fatal road accidents. In January, a water tanker ran over two boda-boda riders along airport road near the Transit Hotel. Cases of accidents caused by the water tankers have been reported even within residential areas.

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