Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I have this hunch of the adage “those living in stone houses should not throw stones”. They may be their turn next time when the same are done to them. In this world even the Bible tells us that do to others what you would want done to you. Truly, in life one has to pass through channels, some with sloppy mountains, some with speeding rivers and some with valleys full of terrains but life must continue. I am proud and thank God every day of my life when l wake up and when going back to sleep. More so I thank God for keeping my family on both sides, my relatives, friends and those whose contributions add values to my life and existence in this world. I have dwelt on me and myself far too long. The reason is how some people misconceive issues that are considered are of national importance. There are people who have come of age and who think maturely that they do not have time for “shadow-boxing” tactics. A man should be a man enough not to hide behind social media or other outlets to articulate or present his/her hidden agenda. Time is of age that when one wants something he/she must work for it. Few are in the class of “go getters”. Recently some people waged back-door war or shadow-boxing tactics to reach their goals. The world has become round-table and one can reach the other end without flying or walking there. There are people who are creating issues in the social media. Particularly with one intention, to discredit an individual or individuals. One thing which leaves the door open to expose them is that they could be pretending to be talking from different forums but alas, they are the same group with one vested interest. They cannot come out to face the reality as it is and cannot come out in the open to express their concern or intention. What do we call such people, “cowards” who cannot face the reality of life and whose motives are only best known to them. In fact one needs not to associate with such group because their back-yards are always full with unconfirmed rumours and failures. They have and cannot do anything to the success of the national wants or requirements. Associating with them means great failure more so at a time when all efforts are being directed to the fight of the dreaded Coronavirus which continues to shake the world with its speed and attack. Maturity of idea not body should be seen to be put at work and in place instead of emptiness. Brain is given to think of good things not to be put to waste and not to be under-used on trivial and petty issues. Let order carry the day and honesty take the lead in our lives. Let us stop shadow boxing and come in the open to do what we can do positively for ourselves and the next generation instead of being distracted to issues which do not add value into one’s life. Do not remain a failure and talk failure to convince your cause of failure.

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