During the swearing in and the launch of the National Dialogue, President Salva Kiir assured the country that all political prisoners will be released after the assessment of their files by the Prosecutor General whom he directed to do so pronto. The President took this initiative to ensure the success of the national dialogue and the participation of all inclusive. While announcing this humble message to the public, it was to mark the beginning of togetherness the country longed for since the crisis erupted in 2013. We at Juba Monitor welcomed the move but requested the President to top his priority by realizing all political detainees, including journalist George Livio who had been languishing in detention without being charged for a long time. It came that our request among other people including his family and friends who had sent similar appeal or request, George was released. It is good news to journalists working in this country, although more need to be put in place to improve the working condition and relationship with the authorities. Day when journalists were seen as enemies of the State is long gone. Without them, the globe would remain a closed door or opaque for that matter. Steps already taken if continued would equally heal wounds that are showing signs in the minds of many. The prosecutor should do his job as instructed and make it possible for all to be released and if there is any journalist still in whichever custody, let him/her be set free for the sake and in the name of the National Dialogue. This is the only way we can collectively achieve the set goal for this important National assignment.

Editorial 28th May 2017

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