General under administrative arrest for threats in court

By Martha David 

The National Security Services (NSS) said the officer who stormed the High court has been placed under administrative arrest after storming the High court on Monday.

The officer identified as Brigadier General Gum Agok stormed the Supreme Court and briefly detained the registrar for land and other staff over land related issues.

According to the registrar for land Delfinu Abbas Alex, the army general entered to his office with three other soldiers and threatened to shoot him.

He said the pointed guns on his head, took him to their car that was parked in the court premises, and then they locked the door.

According to Abbas the said NSS General was claiming ownership of piece of land in Thongpiny area in Juba.

Officer Gum was then arrested and taken to the National Security Headquarters.

The National Security said full investigation into the matter has been launched.

 “The National Security Service does not publish the alleged officers from his official duty at the court premises. It is paramount to note that the behaviors displayed by the officer was an individual act and doesn’t comply and present ethics and values of the National Security Services memo,” David John, director of Public Relations at the Internal Security Bureau said..

“The alleged officer is currently under administrative arrest undergoing intense investigations and the law will take its cost,” he added.

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