Gender Desk re-opened at Maridi Police Station

By Moses Gum Degur                  

The Civil Society Forum in Maridi State has re-opened the Gender Desk at Maridi Police Station. The event took place on Tuesday as part of advocacy campaign to counter the dominance of masculinity.

The Gender Desk was established in 2012, and functioned only for one year and since then it has been inactive. The Civil Society Forum with support from Maridi Service Agency (MSA), Police and the Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement initiated the programme.

Mr. Wadalla Peter, the Executive Director of Maridi Service Agency, said that there was a need to give the police more tasks to ensure that the gender desk functions independently without the support of the organisation.

He said the Police should do everything possible to protect women and children within their care and help them to access justice, adding that it was paramount that “justice is not a privilege nor a favour, but a right of everyone.”

Mr. Wadalla also called on the funding partners and International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) to come in and support the gender programme since the gender desk lacks funding for its operations.

The Minister of Local Government in Maridi State, Body Michael, said that it was a necessity to empower police for the protection of women and children. He said was important for people to work hard at the gender unit to identify and fill the gap in gender protection.

Mr. Body thanked MSA and CSOs for their active role in gender desk, calling on them to keep strengthening the capacity of the law enforcers in the state in order to ensure implementation of the rule of law and justice for all the citizens within the state.

Maridi Civil Society Forum is a forum comprising of ten Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in Maridi State. It was formed by Maridi Service Agency with the aim of coordinating the activities, sharing experiences and advocacy issues in Maridi State.



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