Gen.  Rin Tueny Mabor, another Prof. John Akec in Lakes

By Majur Mading Makur

Lakes State, a State that has never gone unheard in the local and international media is now quite. All sorts of bad expressions on earth towards the citizens of Lakes were spoken.

Our image was faulty and the citizens of our mighty Aram-weer can attest. We used to move with our heads buried for fear of being sternly scorned and teased. Many people from other states nicknamed Lakes as Sodom and Gomorrah. But after 8th June, 2021 when the decree was read on SSBC for appointing the messiah, the Joshua of Lakes State Rin Tueny Mabor, everything turned to old stories. These have invited my keyboard to equate this general popularly known as Jenafil to an academic giant in the person of Prof John Akec. The duos were employed when their institutions they are to lead were chunky and messy. Although General Rin and Prof John are in uniform and suit respectively, their approaches and common modus operandi kept them composed to achieve their missions as seen in the retorts of each of them.

For instance Prof John Akec since installation in March 2014 as Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba has done a tremendous job of improving the face of the university that used to appear like one of the biggest senior secondary schools in South Sudan. He managed to mobilize the scarce resources to catalyze his agenda of developing the university from where it was to what we now call the international standard in a very short period. He managed to reduce the massive exodus of academics by proposing for regional salary parity though not fully implemented as he expected. Prof John Akec who always trans-night just for the betterment of the University, managed to raise the number of teaching staff from 300 to an approximately 800. Not only that but also keeping the academic calendar solid compared to previous years when the  course of four could take at least six to seven years or even more than that. Now, the University is constantly in operation.

In similarity, General Rin Tueny though a soldier by profession has something in common to John Akec that I am proud of, ‘the bulldozer of his own leadership objectives and professionalism’.

Gen Rin is a man who can never mince words but remain focused as seen upon his arrival to the state capital last year. He appropriately demonstrated leadership in his speech and I quote “My mission in Lakes state is to protect the people and their property. That is the mission. How to do it is technical and that is why I am here in uniform as a professional soldier”.

Hence, after hearing this clause my spider senses began to alert me that the crisis of Lakes State such as insecurity, rampant killings, community conflicts, revenge killings, cattle rustling, ambushes, and robbery along highways were over. He recently brought to our attention the taxes of more than eighty million South Sudanese pounds that is usually pocketed. We were not aware that Lakes state could generate such amount in a period of sixty days.  In a nut shell all the don’ts have come to pass.  Currently, Lakes State is smoothly booming in both security and economic.

In conclusion, I salute you my giant; the great inspirers for your wisdom have done some significant changes. Keep it going, the spirit of good work. The country has a lot to learn from you.

The writer is a lecturer at the University of Juba and is reachable via WhatsApp +211921188005 or meelchaam@gmail.com/meelchaam@yahoo.com

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