Editorial 19th June 2018

National Security Minister Gen. Obuto Mamur Mete’s order of removing SPLA soldiers and National Security personnel out of road blocks in Wau is a welcomed move which should be extended to all parts of the country. The reason is simple. The work is for the police, particularly, the traffic department unless there is need for a beef-up from other security sections. There have been cases where motorists have been harassed in road blocks without due care because those handling them are trained for other jobs and not competent enough to understand the need of human motorists. At other points cases of exhortation and bribery are on the loose because of the unprofessional misconduct of some of these officers manning the road-blocks. In areas like Wau among other reports have been flowing in with different types of nightmares by the motorists. In Instances some have been abducted into the thickets where women end up being victims facing all kind of molestation and sexual abuse. This order will bring sanity on the roads against those who wish to use them for personal gain and glory against to ensuring security was maintained and was paramount to the safety of motorists all over the country. Vehicles are the main means of public transport and quickest to take one to his/her destination. The order should go across the board and all those who are not assigned or required to be in these areas done away with. Previously, reports had indicated that some roads had more than 50 or so roadblocks serving the interests of some individuals or particular groups. These groups should be dealt with according to the law of the land since they were giving the country a bad name. One would ask, if there was a reason why motorists and their passengers should be escorted to safety. Yes, because peace has been so elusive while order and discipline demands that peace be there first without compromise and with all inclusivity.

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