Gen. Malong’s Long Journey to exit

By Odongo Odoyo
Managing Editor
When news of General Paul Malong’s departure from the helm of the country’s military hit the ground, Juba almost panicked. And the whole country watched from a far anticipating revolt or war. This was not to be the case when he reached Yirol town in Eastern Lake State after leaving Juba in the wee hours of the evening. His long friend and colleague in the struggle, Gen. Bor Wutchol Bor, the area Governor prevailed on him and his convoy and persuaded him to stop over and have some time to plan his future move. Bor later remarked during an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor that “Malong’s departure was unceremonious” whatever it takes, Malong came back to Juba escorted by among others Bor himself and has had a series of meeting with President Salva Kiir whose results are privy to the leadership. However, the former Military Chief clearly told the public that he had no ill motive against the Government and had no ill plan or was intending to retaliation. This is the word which came out of Gen. Malong and his only hope and longing, was to go to his home in Warawar in Aweil. Events that followed and before speaks more to the point of, before returning to Juba, President Kiir assured the former Chief of general Staff of his safety in Juba and anywhere in the country and further assured the country that peace remained his priority to all citizens. The President assured the country of no threat from Gen. Malong or anyone who was thinking along those lines. Going by Governor Bor’s remark on receiving Gen. Malong, he mentioned that the move by the former Chief of Staff did not reflect his past history as a committed comrade who fought gallantly for the liberation of this nation. He was told to remember that his service was to the Nation and not individual gain and that the President had the prerogative to appoint and replace in the interest of the country. (See page 4 for more. We have taken to revisit this part of Gen. Malong’s departure from the helm of the country’s Military services to put to rest some speculations or un authenticated reports readers have been subjected to since then).

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