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Gen. Malek cautions against social media

By Nema Juma

The Deputy Minister of Defence and Veteran’s Affairs, Lt. General Malek Reuben Riak yesterday warned social media users to stop misusing the platform to tarnish the name of the army.

He said some people were using social media to claim that the Defense Forces (SSPDF) personnel were raping women and looting civilians’ property.

He spoke during a discussion on Permanent Ceasefire at Palm Africa Hotel, organized by the responsive governance in collaboration with the Norwegian peoples Aid last Friday.

He said some people are using bad pictures of soldiers from insurgencies of other countries like Bokoharm in Nigeria and many other countries and claim their atrocities were committed by soldiers in South Sudan.

“Let those people stop doing that. Let us build our country for better future, and feel free with the men in uniform. They were once civilians like you they can’t harm anybody,” said Malek.

He said President Salva Kiir is fully committed to bringing peace to the country.

The Chairperson of Women Bloc of South Sudan, Mary Akech said several cases of rape have been reported and some culprits have been taken to the courts of law.

“We are moving forward for peace and I am sure that by November, everybody shall have a smiling face and whoever does not want we shall not accept,” Mary said.

“For how long shall we suffer? We shall go with who is committed,” she concluded.

The Director of Organization for Responsive Governance, Rajab Mohandis said the forum was meant to bring different institutions responsible for implementation of permanent ceasefire to explain to citizens status of the permanent ceasefire.

“As a citizen of this country including different institutions in charge of security arrangement within the implementation of this agreement, we should collectively contribute towards sustainability of the permanent cease fire,” Mohandis said.


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