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GBV, menstrual stigma project launched in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Women for Change, a Non-Governmental Organization in partnership with Women for Women and Safer World launched a project entitled: “Be alert stop gender based violence and menstrual stigma in and through schools in Yei- South Sudan”

The project aimed at supporting the wellbeing and economic stability of widows, school drop outs and children suffering from intentional and unintentional cause.

Marline Yayi, Women for Women International focal person said that the project was funded by CSSF with sub-funding from SAFERWORLD and Women for Women Organization.

She mentioned that the organization operated in areas of Economic Empowerment, Peace Building, Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19.

“This project is funded by CSSF and sub-funded by safer world and women for women to the national organization. This project is so unique that it gave the partners the liberty they wanted, especially on conditions of economic empowerment, peace building gender based violence and this project is not only in South Sudan, but rather implemented in other countries including Yemen, Nigeria and Afghanistan. We want to see what this neglected women rights organization will do if there is funding,” noted the focal person for Women for Women International Organization.

Women for Change Executive Director, Anna Tazita called on the stakeholders to work together in achieving the aims and goals of the project.

She called for cooperation from all partners and stakeholders and revealed that the project would mainly focus on supporting school children.

“As women for change organization, we believe in working together and that is why we say “together we can” this project is not for women for change, but we are facilitating. The project will lie solely on the schools and the government as the main this project is going to be mainly for the girls, the boys are included because of various reasons. I would urge all of us to cooperate and come together when there are issues because we are always accountable to the beneficiaries and the donor comes the second,” promised the Executive Director of Women for Change Organization.

 Yei County Relief and Rehabilitation Secretary, Mabe Moses, urged the partners to work as a team and cooperate to ensure the goals of the project were tangibly achieved.

He reiterated on sustainability and having holistic approach in the projects implementation.

Moses called on south Sudanese to put more efforts in ensuring that the country realized the total change that everyone expected to see.

“Team work normally help, team work can make us to succeed.But if you are frazil and work alone, then things will be hard on is us to change this country, not anyone coming from America or any other parts of the world, it’s us. Let us see even a one day project, we finish it successfully and sustain it. sustainability is what we want. Let us look holistically, why are most of us talking about girls and women, because they are the back born and cornerstones of this country, if they are not brought well, then this country will not have future leaders, this country will have corrupt I urge that this is not time for argument instead this is time to see changes. Atleast every day we need to see new change. If you don’t see change that means there is a problem and if there is a problem, then we need to see what exactly the problem is,” advised the Relief and Rehabilitation Secretary.

Women for Women Organization embarked on women, child and general protection, education, reproductive health, and peace building.

The inception brought in County government officials, civil society organizations, students, teachers, partners and stakeholders at Youth garden in Yei River County.

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