Gbudue residents urged to welcome SPLA-IO forces

 By Gaaniko Samson

Authorities in Gbudue state have called on the residents to welcome the SPLA-IO forces returning home to implement the revitalized-peace agreement.

Hussein Enoka, Gbudue state Information Minister told reporters last Friday that the governor had directed all the stakeholders to welcome their sons and daughters from the with SPLA-IO.

According to Enoka, the SPLA-IO advance team had already arrived in the state. He said they expected the SPLM-IO political team to arrive soon.

Enoka appealed to the public to freely interact with the SPLA/M-IO and accept them as one people of one nation.

“People have to put the past behind. Forgive and forget for the sake of this nation to attain permanent peace and stability,” he said.

However, Enoka urged the youth in the area to stop indecent dressing; saying such addressing styles never existed in Azande culture.

The minister revealed that some criminals were taking the advantage of such dressings and hair styles to rob people at v as a way for their survival.

“We don’t have any ground for criminal activities in Gbudue state,” Information Minister said.

Enoka assured the citizens of security saying peace has already come and no need for them to live in fear anymore.

He concluded by urging the state residents to start developmental activities. “You should send the children to school, go to the farms to cultivate in order to fight hunger in Gbudue state,” he said.


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