Garang Ateng to rock Kampala

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese singer, Garang Ateng, popularly known for his famous “One People One Nation” hit slogan is set to perform in Ugandan capital Kampala on Saturday, the 14th October 2017 at Bunga Leisure Garden.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday, the singer’s Manager, Mengesto Makuei, said that he was approached by a group of South Sudanese in Kampala to have the singer entertain them, because of his peace songs and other educative hits.

“Garang Ateng is a national artist known for his peace songs and when the call for him to come to entertain his fans in Kampala came, I informed him and he will be in Kampala on the eve of the show in order to prepare and sing for the South Sudanese community in Kampala”, Mengesto said.

Mr. Garang Ateng on Tuesday confirmed that he was ready to entertain his country men and women in Uganda and his fans at large.

“Though on short notice, I am ready to entertain my fellow country men and women in Uganda, they will dance to some of my latest songs and I hope to have a good time in Kampala with my brothers and sisters,” Garang said.

The artist will be joined by other South Sudanese artists based in Kampala the likes of Dano Dee, Lezziza Akuol, Agoth Atak, Yauya Kuja and the show shall be hosted by Mc Jok Michael.

South Sudanese in Kampala like Deng Bona told Juba Monitor newspaper in a Facebook chat that he is ready for the legend. Noble Leek said that the day of the show will be the hottest (a music term meaning the best).

Kampala is a second home to many South Sudanese. It is also an educational city to South Sudanese. Many children from South Sudan study at the various Ugandan universities.

Uganda has also become a home to many South Sudanese due to the ongoing conflict in the country. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), there are over two million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

They fled the violence and famine in their country. The presence of the popular South Sudanese Singer Garang Ateng in Kampala would be an opportunity for him to pass peace messages through the concert he is scheduled to stage.





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