Gap between leaders and Civilians

By Akol Arop Akol

The first thing to know is that both the leaders and civilians are human beings. They are equal and deserve the same services and necessities that simplify life. Both have equal rights and accountability and each of them should be responsible to play certain roles for the country as a whole.

If they break the laws, they need to be fairly taken for trial but must not be treated based on their societal status.

Unfortunately, this is happening in our country today. People who have their relatives in power commit crimes and get away with it while the defenseless would get imprisoned for years, even for a minor offence.

Nearly a decade after independence, injustice and financial inequality has thrived, widening the gap between the rich and the rest.

How I wish the concerned authority spare thought for the financially impoverished, school-going children taking lessons under trees due to the absence of well-constructed classrooms.

A government of rectitude also gives considerable attention to the health concerns from remote areas, supplies furniture and learning facilities to those areas so that students sit on desks and not on stones during lesson proceedings.

If political leaders have acknowledge their mistakes and settle their disputes, peace, which is a prerequisite to development so that people start enjoying a life free of unknown gunmen and free of rebel groups.

There is no leader today associating with people friendly to understand their issues. It’s unclear whether this emanates from pride, arrogance, selfishness, or their busy schedules.

They only need to meet powerful and rich people of their types. It means generation is ruling and considering itself and forgetting the other that will follow.

The gap between the civilians and leaders is living standards, you would find VIPs being given free lands or concrete buildings to live in when appointed into big positions but unfortunately they go for better accommodation in hotels. It’s mind-blowing! One wonders whether they feel insecure in their residences or they want need lavish lifestyles.

A tragedy that follows is the fact that the hotel expenses cascade to government’s budget which, under normal circumstances be used for developmental projects in marginalized parts of the country.

Leaders are comfortably living and seem to have no plans of developing the country. Then how do they expect youth to be active and productive?

Another aspect is the role played by politicians in bringing about lasting peace. When progress is being made in the current on-going peace process, more needs to be done to ensure its genuine and full implementation.

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