Gangs causing nightmare in Jebel Kurjur

By Wecnyin Turic

Residents of Jebel Kurjur are experiencing mayhem at night caused by groups of gangsters who have a habit of clashing and fighting in the area.

According to the area resident, on Monday night there was a serious fight that happened after a gang of Tamania Biout attacked that of Mamur in retaliation of their member whom they claimed was battered and left lifeless.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, one of the residents, Isaac Monde, said this heinous activity had been going on for many years now and there was need to deal with it so that people could have their sleep.

 “Yesterday (Monday) I heard a lot of noise outside my house and I was shocked with the way they were beating each other with crude weapons. I told them to leave or else I come out there, they dispersed immediately when I tried to open the gate”, Monde said.

These distinct groups had writings on the walls and shirts for territory reservation and easy recognition in case a fight erupted. According to people, the groups rarely interfered with non-members when clashing, always concentrating on themselves.

Local residents have severally raised alarm and are now urging the area authorities to intervene before it got out of hands.

However, when contacted for comments, the National Police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin said he was not aware but promised to act promptly if the incident had occurred for the safety of the locals.

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