Health condition of Alfred Taban!

Alfred Taban the Editor in Chief of Juba Monitor and Chairman of the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) health condition at the police custody is deteriorating.  On Monday, 25, 2016 he was taken to Juba Teaching Hospital for diagnoses and was found to be suffering from Malaria, diabetes and high blood pressure had gone high. His movement is difficult, he has little time and space for doing exercise as he used to do in the house with the help of his doctor and the family.  Now for the first time, he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

The doctor recommended him to rest, to have special meals and medication in time. But it is difficult for him to live according to the doctor’s instructions as he is still in detention as the recommendation of the doctor was not put into consideration. The very day he was diagnosed, he was supposed to start the injection of Malaria, but it was not done; he started it yesterday which is not good for his health. That has shown clear indication that nobody can do better services for him except his family. If he stays in the house, he should have better services than in the police station. Keeping him there for long time will deteriorate his health and result into several types of diseases.

Therefore, we are appealing to the concerned authorities to look into his case and consider the condition of his poor health. A lot has been said about Alfred Taban by many people who know what Alfred has done for the liberation of this country when he was BBC correspondent in Khartoum and Editor In Chief of Khartoum Monitor English Daily Newspaper. As government is moving ahead with the implementation of the Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan, at the same time let the TGoNU consider the case of Alfred Taban’s release.

Almighty Father, we put Alfred Taban in your hands, take care of him, bless the medicines he is taking, so that it cures him and improves his health,  protect him from any evil spirits wherever he is, in Jesus’ name Amen!.



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