It is always required of warring parties or even a warring party because a party can conflict with itself, to reach an agreement, but this agreement must be initiated by different guarantors. But if it happens that one side of the same warring party calls for negotiations, then total peace is expected to prevail because it is almost a norm in Africa for one of the warring parties to call for negotiations whole-heartedly. First Vice President and Chairman of the SPLM-IO, Dr. Riek Machar called the Gitgwang faction under Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual for negotiations to end an auto-rebellion within the SPLM-IO so as to focus on the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. Having other factions still in the bush within the two major warring parties that signed the agreement in 2018 gives the commitments of the signatories an X-structure, in that, all efforts being exerted on the implementation process would be described as those that go in vain. If resources garnered for bringing SPLM and SPLM-IO to signing the Revitalized Peace Agreement are compared now with resources that can be gathered for bringing Gitwang faction to signing an agreement with its main faction, then it can be gotten that such resources can’t even halve those used in the former agreement. Therefore, efforts of South Sudanese and those of the guarantors of the Revitalized Agreement should be joined to unite the dehiscing SPLM-IO in order to reach the full implementation of the agreement. On the other hand, the Gitwang faction should respond to Dr. Machar’s call for negotiations if its aims are really free from inhumanity and furtherance of the sufferings that have engulfed the country. There is no any other good news to a faction on earth than being called for negotiations as all its grievances are going to be addressed, hence, Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and other Gitwang warlords should think more than twice to produce a response not far from ‘positive’ to FVP’s negotiating call. The Revitalized Agreement is a breath of fresh air to South Sudanese, and that, having other factions in the bush makes it unembraced.

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