Funds raising seminar for land mine kicks off in Juba

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The South Sudan National Mines Action Authority (NMAA) delegates and National organizations working groups on the land mines have started resource mobilization seminar yesterday in Juba.

The five days long workshop is being conducted by Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in partnership with the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) with support from the people of Japan.

Speaking during the opening session, Alexey Kruk, Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Country Director said that the seminar was meant to educate local actors on how to generate resources for clearing explosive ordinances across South Sudan.

“The workshop is to train and provide them with information on how to fund-raise and especially find resources to support national organizations in clearing mines and providing mine risk education in the country,” said  Kruk.

“They will work with children, adult, and vulnerable group and teach them on how they can be able to recognize dangerous places and objects in order to report them for clearances,” he added.

Mr. Kruk stated that the local actors will be working hand in hand with the National Mine Action Authority to ensure that the country was mine free.

He revealed that by the end of five days, the actors will develop their proposals for funding to different agencies in order to support their land mines operations across the country.

“They will be submitting these proposals to different donors, we will identify together since we will make the stakeholders mapping and after one year, I hope some of those proposals will be totally funded and submitted,” Mr. Kruk said.

Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan, Seiji Okada encouraged the participants to contribute to humanitarian assistance across the country.

“Your job is very critical to promote more agriculture and return of the people back home. But if you don’t go back to the field then the situation may still be challenging. Land mine is a serious issue.

“So your role will support the nation building of this country. So I am quite happy to work with you for better tomorrow and to help support this country to be mines free,” the Ambassador said.

He said that he was quite happy strategy for having nation actors onboard since they would act as solutions to South Sudan problems at the end of the day.

Tess B. Bresnan, Deputy Programmme Manager for UNMAS applauded the people of Japan for supporting capacity building of the national actors and national  organizations that work in humanitarian mine action sector.

She revealed that UNMAS was working hard alongside implementing partners to free South Sudan from land mines and explosive hazards.

Ms. Bresnan described the workshop as a skill and knowledge transfer that will assist the locals’ organization on the advocacy to raise funds to implement land mines related projects in South Sudan.

“We are looking really at the mine action and implementation of the removal of the explosive hazards as critical to the ability of the humanitarian actors to be able to provide critical services to the people of South needs including health, education, and shelter and making sure that people return home,” she explained.

This year’s national campaign is under the theme “Land mine free 2025”

The workshop is being attended by 15 participants’ comprising of 6 from National Mines Action Authority and 9 from National Organizations sector.


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