Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Four fundamental issues which might have gone un-noticed took the centre stage from the beginning of this week. Kenya came out to affirm their regional relationship with South Sudan by declaring a free visa movement to South Sudanese citizens. Students who had been denied the opportunity to get their certificates from Zimbabwe universities were smiling as they were promised to be on the way of getting their graduation papers soon. Another one was the Angelina Teny stressing the role of media in the peace building process and the newly elected Opposition Alliance chairperson, Josephine Lagu Yanga telling the world to go slowly on South Sudan which was still politically young. Analyzing these events one need not to go outside the box but to remain inside and understand that they are all related to the restoration of peace and trust. There cannot be two ways. In fact each and every word that came out indicates that all the citizens of this country need peace nothing else, from the students, who are the youth, to womenfolk and men alike, there is one calling that is already being felt across. We have been talking and preaching peace everywhere and every place so that the country can come back onto its feet. It has been a fruitful exercise that must be appreciated on all its aspects. There cannot be another name for peace but peace must come with you and me through trust, love and commitments. It is possible that this country is taking a new shape and new dimension in the political scene and socio- economic arena. It is the prerogative of the leadership to lead the way and the general public to fully support the move for the success of any new take in the society. It is everyone’ s duty to ensure safer environment and safer surroundings for any successful venture. Collectively there cannot be one man’s show but indulgence by all key players. Right now political temperature is going high as key players are out-doing each other to seek attention of the appointing authorities with only two months remaining to the formation of the new government of national unity. It cannot be over-emphasized as to who the players are but some are spending sleepless nights seeking attention. While it is their constitutional right to do so they should not forget that they will only succeed if and when peace is restored effectively in the country. The signs above are positive indicators of the way forward. The political mood should not change the goings and the restoration of the peace process. The common-man is eagerly waiting for the time when they can go back to their back-yard and make it a reality for the good of mankind. Since the country is turning to be a haven of peace within the region this tempo should be kept on-going for this good. It is collectively our duty.

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