Farmers are telling the government to increase agricultural funding to enable them make food security in the country a reality. This can be the soft spot landing if it can happen. The impossibility is glaring this season because the government has not come out to announce the budget for this fiscal year. Whatever is going on, this is a call which should not be ignored since it stand to save the nation from eminent and impending hunger that can be put on hold or avoided all together with proper and advanced planning. The same call has been made by the Agricultural Bank that intend to finance farming but having limited funds. The rainy season is on-going and with advance planning and experts or technical advices, the hunger threat could be well contained. True the new government has just come in place, but this should not be an excuse because there were those charged with running day to day affairs of the country. It is common that some elite and experts left to manage the nation at certain given time take advantage to fleece the national coffer. Can some people take responsibilities without trying to enrich themselves through public hard earned sweats? A family needs food, shelter, healthy environment and education among others. Priority should be directed in ensuring these were put in place for the benefit of the general public. The unity government and the appointed new governors must make sure that both the national and states government played a major role in food production to sideline hunger and feed a healthy nation. The country has vast and potential agricultural land which if put to good use could make this country to be the food basket in the region. Maybe some people are sleeping on the job in their assignments, but should not be allowed to create artificial or real food shortage.

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