The public is keenly following the new spirit by the economic crisis team that has come out exposing the rots in government institutions with major focus on revenue generating organs. It is that they might not have teeth right now but they have indicated that time will tell what they can do to restore public confidence in the management of finances in the country. Those suspected to be eating should also watch their steps now and in future because the law will definitely catch up with them. The country’s attention now looks forward to cluster docket to save the public coffer from corruption which has made it impossible for survival of the general public. Corruption has been cited as a major concern and disease that is almost worse than coronavirus because it steals from the common-man what could be used to fight and treat common diseases. Corruption denies the country the right to encourage investments. It is one thing that should be brought to an end once and for all. The cluster’s own wisdoms should move in a clump down those who thought they were above the law. The economic crisis committee should ask for more teeth to bite to enable it stamp down the vices within and outside the public domain. It is like the committee came at the right time and seems to be giving the entire country hope that something good can be done to tame the practices to enable effective service delivery to the tax-payer. It is hoped that the committee will not be compromised into doing their work and should remain vigilant at all time in discharging their work. Attempts may be made by those who do not believe in change but considering the street talks about the committee and its performance within this short period of time they should not be diverted into other businesses except cleaning the dirty house which has been full of corruption.

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