Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

By Odongo Odoyo

By Wecnyin Turic (Guest)

As the formation of government is nearing to be fully in place, the question that has been banging is whether this Government will bring back the lost glory. The shattered hope and our economic status still beg an answer. Every evening, a lot of people are glued to the Radio Frequencies to get the latest developments especially on decrees to find out who are being appointed in their respective states and constituencies and the next day at Tea Places, discussions would take effect ranging from socio-economic to political. I have had a rare opportunity to listen to their conversations; it amused me that most people are in support of this upcoming government apart from disgruntled groups. Now that citizenry is yearning for peace and economic recovery, my stand remains the same for the benefit of the Nation. South Sudanese have undergone through unnecessary political turbulence and economic repercussions that has cost us a heavy burden which may take long to unload off our shoulders. I believe in this country in its highestinfinityand exponential effort to thrive if only we compromise our differences, tribalism and all types of -isms for the bettermentof South Sudan that we have all fought for. It has enough space for all of us. It is worth noting that the National Government must work in hand with State Governments to mitigate in the ongoing communities’ clashes to ensure that there is a uniform peaceful co-existence in the country. The rainy season is almost due, security across the country comes first to prepare farmers for cultivation in order to avoid food shortage this year. This is the only way to beat the odds in the country. South Sudan should not and should never depend on other countries for food as it is crystal clear that we have the best land in the continent. However, government has a mandate to facilitate and enhance these economic activities by improving security in the country and encouraging everybody to participate in this sector. It is highly essential for all government officials not to take advantage of the already affected situation to advance their political interests at the expense of the public. A lot has been lost and we should not continue to lose more. The time to patch up political discrepancies has plumped in and people must embrace this moment to regain sense of belonging and foster Nation building. The will of the citizens must take it course without subjugation, sabotage, and intimidation and there should be mutual understanding amongst these circles for effective rule of law in the dominion. My conscience dictates to my thoughts that not all had been lost since the country plunged into war and it is not too late to rise up, be a united country, driven by the principles of life and persuaders of a common goal.

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