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Fuel traders urged not to take advantage of people

By Atimaku Joan

All fuel traders had been urged not to take advantage of people when there is crisis.

Speaking to juba monitor yesterday, fuel operative consultant said it was true that people were after opportunities in business but it was still possible to make money when you have the interests of the citizens at heart.

“I know that we want to be opportunistic in business, but when you have the interest of South Sudanese at heart you will still make your money and be able to help other people,” he said.

He advised the traders who had companies that were social and community driven in order to have more benefit.

The consultant applauded Trinity Energy for maintaining the original fuel prices during the crisis caused by the strike of the truck drivers despite the fact that there were open opportunity for them to make extra money.

He stated that, it had come to his notice two weeks ago when the crisis started other traders were selling fuel at 1000 to 1200SSP per litter while Trinity decided to keep up with their normal prices.

He advised the traders to prepare ahead of time to address such situations by creating a depot where they could save more fuel instead of hiking the prices abruptly.

He stated that it was the role of the Private Sector to see how they can support the country when there was crisis so that people were not affected so much.

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