Fuel prices shoot up in Juba

Cyclists queuing for fuel refill at the petrol station

By Bida Elly David

Fuel prices have shot up in Juba as supplies continue to fall short due to delays caused by trade barriers at the Kenyan-Uganda border.

Over the weekend, a liter of petrol was sold at as high as 600 South Sudanese Pounds (SSP)down from SSP 400 a week earlier at some fuel stations, according to motorists who spoke to Juba Monitor.

A relative increase has also been noted in prices of other essential commodities such as foodstuff in the market according to Central Equatoria Chamber of Commerce Chairperson, Robert Pitia.

Mr Pitiasaid the sharp rise in the prices of fuel began three days ago after most stations ran out of fuel due to a shortage of supplies.

“I know that fuel price has skyrocketed, making prices of other goods also to rise speedily in the markets but despite the tentative increment, things shall settle,”he said.

He said the shortage of supplies has continued to influence the prices of commodities.

“We know very well that once transportation is affected as a major tool, therefore prices of essential items such as foodstuff and non-food stuff shoot up immediately,” he said.

He called on the government, particularly the ministry of foreign affairs, to cooperate with its counterparts in East Africa to remove trade barriers to avoid economic consequences that affect the common people.

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