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Fuel prices continue to hike

By Yiep Joseph

The prices of fuel and commodities in the market have continued to increase in Juba due to the delay of trucks in Elegu as truck driver’s protest in demand of protection along Juba-Nimule highway.

This has negatively impacted on the car owners, motorcycle riders, tricycle riders to either buy from black market or foot to their workstations.

Truck drivers have been on strike for fifteen days demanding compensation for their fellow drivers killed along Juba-Nimule highway before entering South Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Kuraba Moses Duku,a boda-boda rider at Thongping residential area revealed that fuel shortage at most of the petrol stations had led to increased fuel prices in black market.

“Most of the petrol stations are closed and the few which are opened are congested, we have no option but to buy from black market where a liter is two thousand South Sudanese Pounds or foot,” Kuraba complained.

He revealed that it was due to the increased fuel prices that boda-boda fees had increased too.

“Before fuel prices increased, we used to charge distance from Thongpiny to Konyo Konyo at five hundred South Sudanese Pounds but now it is 1000 South Sudanese Pounds,” he said.

Gatluak Atoum Mankuong, a mini bus driver at custom bus park said that bus fare from custom to Juba had increased from 200 SSP to 250 SSP due to increased fuel prices.

“Most fuel stations are closed.Yesterday, I bought a liter at two thousand five hundred South Sudanese Pound in black Market near Hai Tijerya,” Gatluak complained. 

He disclosed that he would park the car in case the fuel trucks continue to delay at the border.

“If the fuel shortage continues like this, I will just park the car and stop the work because black market price is going to climb,” he said.

Gatluak appealed to the government to look into the problem and bring necessary measures to restore the situation in petrol stations adding that people scrambled at petrol stations due to fuel shortage, an incident which he thought might instigate chaos.

“People scramble at the few petrol stations that are opened and I think if it continues like this, it may lead to fighting,” he stressed.

Mary Adeng Majok, a resident of Gudele revealed that water tanks drivers had increased prices from six hundred South Sudanese Pounds per drum of water to Eight Hundred South Sudanese Pounds.

“Since this problem of shortage of petrol, a drum of water has increased from six hundred SSP to eight hundred SSP and I am expecting increment based on what the tank drivers told us in case the problem is not solved,” she said.

She called upon the government to settle fuel shortage in the country in order to reduce rampant increase in prices.

“We are really suffering the price for a drum of water has been increasing constantly. I urge my government to settle the issue once and for all,” she appealed.

On the other hand,Musa Jamal Aniko complained that a price of ten-kilogram bag of sugar in the market had increased from six thousand South Sudanese Pounds to eight thousand South Sudanese Pounds.

He mentioned that a ten-kilogram bag of beans had increased to ten thousand South Sudanese Pounds adding that almost all prices in the market mostly the food items had increased making life hard.

“When you go to the market, almost all the prices have increased and what the business people tell us is that goods are still at the border and there is shortage of fuel,” he said.

“I went to the market yesterday and when I complained about the high prices, the woman whom I wanted to buy a bag of beans in her shop told me (to) either buy it or leave it and starve.”

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