Frontier FC crowned Ramadan tournament winners

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Somalia Frontier Football Club beat Somalia Blue Stars Football Club 3-2 in penalty kick off to claim first Ramadan tournament trophy on Sunday.

The Match that took place at Mayo Primary School playgroundattracted a lot of sports fans in the city.

The tournament was organized by SomaliCommunity in Juba with the aim of encouraging communication among Muslim communities and entertain them during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Frontier took the lead inside 16 minutes as first half ended 1-0, thanks to Hamed’s earlier dazzling free kick goal.

Blue StarsFC came back strong in second half as leveled immediately after the restart of second half. The game headed for a draw until 90th minutes end with both failed to slay the game in normal time.

But it was the Frontier goalkeeper Zakaria Ali’s supper up save that helped them to win their first ever Ramadan tournament cup in their name, all credits go to Ali who was also the captain of the team.

The Blue Stars was rated ahead of Frontier FC as the team have some fine big names in the scored only for the underdogs to disapprove everyone wrong as they say football is charged in 90th minutes.

After ninety minutes, sport kickoff,Frontier FC 3-2 Blue Stars thanks to the winners as fans congratulate their players for making them smile as they went dancing.

The game was attended by senior Somalia officials including business men and women and South Sudanese government officials and many other football lovers in the city.

Shortly after the match, SaidiJamac Musa the chairman of Somalia Business Association advised young people to use football for coming together and uniting the country adding that the only tool for uniting the youth is through sports.

He revealed that, the tournament was between Somalia community and it was for young people to come together and have social life together, know each other, because football is useful for young people.

“Sports is a unifying factor for any society, it is very useful for young ones, it makes them always come together, understand each other, and close to each other especially in this Ramadan time which makes them to be in good mood,”Mr. Musa stressed.

“Through football, we can eradicate hatred, tribalism, and conflict within our communities since in football we see everyone brothers and sisters,” he added.

He said sports that people looked at it in different angle, has a big role or way of bringing youth from different background and communities and advocate or work for common goal to help our needy population.

“Basically, this game involves something that can as well bring youth together and unite people special Somalia community in Juba, “In every situation you find there are few things that can unite people together than things that divide people.”

Meanwhile, Abdul Nasir the chairman organizing committee said the Ramadan Tournament is always organized in every year in the first start of the Ramadan Kerimu to keep the faith of the Muslim community throughout the fasting.

He said about 13 teams took part in the tournament and all are Somalia teams in South Sudan.

“On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank every team who participated in the tournament and for their respect to each other without any problem I must say keep the spirit up,”Mr. Nasir stated.

Zakaria Ali the Frontier FC captain and goalkeeper said it was his team’s first time to win Ramadan tournament trophy in more than five years in competition.

“Yes, we won it not by luckbut because we played as one team, football is all about team work and it was exactly what my team did,” Mr Ali said happily.

“For our opponents, I can say this is what happens with football and as a footballer they need tounderstand that in football especially in such a situation it is only two things, that is win or lose,” he cited.

However, he said that losing in the final always pains but again in the other hand it is like eye opener or wakeup call for the team to prepare and correct their mistakes.

He said the main purpose of the tournament was to unite the Somalia youth in Juba to continue promoting their talents as footballers.

“Find something that can unite youth, let us not claim that people want change but be the change, do something to your community however small it is, you can go long way changing somebody’s life so be part of change and stop complaining that we want this we want that,” he concluded.

The game was so fantastic and both sides had a good display of professional football that left many excited.

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