From love song to celebrating peace

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Empress Jay’s latest song celebrating peace is one song that wouldn’t pass your ears without listening to it.

It is a song from Empress Jay who broke to the music fame with her Kabasa hit that attacks men who cheat and play around with women in Juba city.

From love song to celebrating the peace is one song that brings the moment of joy, excitement, love and hope for South Sudanese who have been yearning for peace.

“Yes the peace that we have all been wanting or waiting for is finally here and all we need to do is celebrate, dance, forget about the past and move on”, said Empress Jay.

Her lyrics in the song gives hope for the hopeless and put smiles on the faces of those who have not smiled for long because of some reasons.

Produced by War Lord Jehu Sam celebrating peace is one soft touch music with dancehall beats and a feeling of African vibes that will get the move on.

With this song Empress Jay hopes that the country will realize the importance of peace and never go back to war but instead focus on rebuilding the nation and restoring the lost hope.


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