From Easter to Pope’s Visit

By Guest Akol Arop Akol

Odongo Odoyo

Peace begins at home and to society and in the same way, conflict as part of human life could start from home (individuals) and then spread outside to affect others.

This shows that the confusions that South Sudan has been going through are first from personal concepts and then escalated by those who don’t seek the truth out of rumors. Simply, an example could be a hate speech or one picking a gun to kill someone he has an issue with. When relatives of the two hear the news, they would only rush to fight themselves as sections or ethnicities. This has been how most of the communal violence was started by individuals but spread to the population.

Nevertheless, having been broken by all the consequences of violence throughout the country, South Sudanese are still hopeful that peace is slowly returning to their lives.

Coming together to attend social events, interacting on media fora, and agreements being signed by our leaders, we see signs of peace. This is a year of blessing for us.

In the month of April, the government and parties to the agreement submitted their lists of leaders to be appointed in the National command structure. And indeed the command structure for the unified forces was formed by the President.

While in the month of July, South Sudan will be turning 11 years old since it achieved its independence from Sudan in 2011. Before 9 July, the Pope would be in the country for a visit from 5th to 7th July 2022.

However, some violent conflicts are still going on like in Upper Nile, including political tensions which are bad signs that might affect peace process.

For the Pope to come, there must be peace, he will come and reconcile the leaders and encourage them to implement peace to bring out the country of crisis. If the situation continues like this, Pope may change his mind.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Taban Deng Gai and Mama Rebecca Nyandeng who went to Vatican to meet the Pope should be the main leaders preparing the way for his Holiness, and then backed up by religious leaders and fellow Christians.

There should be peace in churches, houses, markets, streets and every corner of the country, and with silence of guns, people will get a chance to come. Economic crisis should also be recovered such that everyone and especially the common man manages to get basic needs affordably. With these few expectations, if implemented, the citizens of South Sudan would be ready enough to receive the visiting Pope and to celebrate the independence of their country in Peace and happiness.  

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