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From Bongo Bus to in-law and Num Bed Mara, DJ Cent opens up about his music

DJ Cent is somewhat ascending in the musical industry. Lately, he has become a household name. His songs are hits and well received by people in the city as well as those in the countryside. He is a force to reckon with. Recently, he went to Uganda to finish some music projects. Juba Monitor’s Loruba Balla caught up with him to talk about his music, love life and more. Here are the excerpts.

Qn.Why do you call yourself DJ Cent?

Ans. At home, I’m called Daniel James that’s where the name DJ came from. For the Cent since the beginning of my career, every song is 100 percent so DJ Cent means Daniel James is 100 Percent.

  1. I see you donning Gucci, you must be fashion forward.
  2. A. Well I’m a fan of Gucci, even my children love Gucci
  3. Q. Eh, do you have children?

A Yes, I have handsome boys

  1. Are you then married?
  2. No, but I have two kids from different mothers.
  3. Two different mothers, you celebrities want to have all the women.
  4. No, it’s a blessing that I got when I did not have the capacity. I tried to talk to their mothers to wait for me to get back from school but they said no, the world is running so, they had to use short cut.
  5. What do you mean by shortcut?
  6. A. They are now married to other men.
  7. Q. Do you plan to marry anytime soon?
  8. A. Of course, it is in plan because no one can live without a woman.
  9. Q. That means you are on high demand, do you have stalkers?
  10. A. I have millions of girls because I am handsome and you see I’m a classic man. Women like strong people. If you are strong in whatever you do, they will die for you. When I see them dying for me, I know that I’m strong.
  11. Q. How do you handle them?
  12. A. I don’t give them time. I’m focusing on the one that will give me true love, the one who will love my children. I make them my friends because you know you can’t give chance to more than two women.
  13. Q. Are you seeing someone?
  14. A. In a dream yeah, but I’m still looking for a serious one. My friend, the name DJ Cent is not a simple one, the person who will be behind that name must be a respectful woman and must be South Sudanese.
  15. You recently went to shoot your Num Bet Mara video in Uganda instead of Juba, why?
  16. A. I’m looking at market. You see Chris Brown going to shoot video in China also those of Sheebah don’t shoot their big videos in Uganda, they go abroad because they need to bring home quality and it makes a difference between you and the other artistes. Once you start crossing borders doing music, it shows that you are progressing.
  17. Q. Coming from Uganda, do you have a collabo with Ugandan?
  18. A. I have a collabo with Becky 256. My going to Uganda was because I had an appointment with Spice Diana, but when I arrived in Kampala, she was in South Africa, but I hope, in a short time, I will have more collabos with Ugandans.
  19. What inspires you to do music?
  20. A. I found out that I am talented because I used to compose songs in Church. I could compose a gospel song and give it to my aunt who, in turn, takes it to the Church and the Church people loved it, for example, during Christmas. If you go to Yambio during Christmas, you will find some of my songs being sung in Churches.
  21. Q. Patois have become common in local music, why don’t you use them in your songs?
  22. I was born original and will die original. I need people to steal my Arabic Juba. I need those Jamaicans to copy my Arabi Juba not me copying them.
  23. Q. What inspires your choice of songs?
  24. A. I want to educate my people. I do advice people in my music. I have a list of about 200 people at home with their contacts who tell me my son your song has done this and this in my life. Those things make me to continue singing meaningful songs. Like now on Friday, Num Bet Mara happened in Gumbo, Someone went to another man’s house and slept with a woman then the husband came at two and got the man, the woman told the man to get under the bed so the husband called the police and the police asked the “man didn’t you hear DJ Cent’s song?” When I went to Gumbo with Aganaga over the weekend some police officers told me that.
  25. Q. Talking about Aganaga, you had a battle with him last week, who won?
  26. We are still waiting for the results because all of us did our best.
  27. Q. How do you rate yourself?
  28. A. Number one and I will still be number one.
  29. Q. Which South Sudanese artiste would you want to work with?

A Well, anybody as long as you are serious in whatever you are doing. I can never work with anybody who is not serious because there are people who do music I don’t know for what. I can’t work with them. I work with serious people.

  1. Q. Who do you give respect to among the artistes in South Sudan?
  2. A. Of course I respect DJ Cent
  3. Q. Any other name?

A .Maybe Silver X because he is the only person who came to Yambio he said you have done now in Yambio you need to come to Juba. Any time he came to Yambio, he could tell me, brother, come and we hustle in Juba. I know you will make it.

  1. How many songs do you have?

A.I produced songs during the days of tapes. I had 6 tapes then I joined Juba music where you make hits. I have more than 10 hits in Juba.

  1. Six tapes at the time of tapes, you must be old.
  2. A. Yes, music is my game since 2007.
  3. Q. Where do you see yourself in the next five years if you continue doing this music?

A I cannot talk much here because my country can’t allow my talent to go to another level but I need to  my music bigger than this and also my lifestyle bigger than this.

  1. Q. Any awards to your name?
  2. A. My first award was song of the year in Western Equatorial then second award was best male artiste of the year 2012 in Yambio then when I came to Juba, I won Eye Radio artiste of the year and I won Miraya FM song of the year 2017.
  3. Q. What achievements have you got from your music?
  4. The first thing I’m able to care for myself out of my music and I got my children out of the music and I’m taking care of them. I have other things that I can’t expose now.


  1. Q. What challenges do you face as a musician?
  2. A. The big challenge now is, I don’t want to take like one month without having a show in my country but five months now in Juba the clubs are not working, I don’t know the reason why they closed all the busy clubs. They used to help us because if you perform here and there, we get some small money, which we would use to record songs and do business. Such has really affected me so much. Also, I need to collaborate with some international artistes and how will I do it because it needs a lot of money? I f I don’t perform in my country, my music cannot cross borders.
  3. Any new song?

A I have a song which I recorded with Andre in Kampala called Show me dollar. I need my people not just to show me but give me the dollar so that I can go to another level.

Q Who is Debbie (At the time of the interview, her picture was on his Facebook timeline)

  1. A. Debbie is from Canada (Scratches head, frowns at me but speaks at last) ahhhhh and she is one of my best and she is trying to do something.
  2. What is she trying to do?
  3. Ok, someone sent for her my song Black woman so when she had her birthday last month, she used that song and the people at the party wanted the song to be played on repeat. So, from there she started looking for the owner and she got me on line you know I told you. I’m handsome and from there, she is trying to be the most serious woman in Team No Rest.
  4. Q. Is she trying to be the most serious woman in Team No Rest or your life?
  5. A. That’s what she is trying to do. I’m just watching. I like her because she wants to see me grow musically. They are many but she is trying to…. be because to have a man like me you must work hard, it’s not easy.
  6. Q. You seem expensive, what does it take for a woman to win you over?
  7. A. You have to love my music, you must be my fan, fan of everything I do, someone who is focused, who will make sure I go to another level.
  8. What is it about you that your fans don’t know?
  9. They don’t know who is behind me. I am behind myself, I got no manager, promoter, and I do everything by myself.
  10. Do you have any question you want to ask me?
  11. A. Ok, you? Are you a fan of DJ Cent?
  12. Honestly, I’m not; maybe I will be his fan when I get to know much about him and his music.

(DJ Cent to me) I like you for your honesty, if you are not my fan it means I have to work hard; my work will make you my fan.

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