Friendship makes life joyful

By Jovanto Aleu Garang


Life without friends is like a wallet without money or like a car without fuel. It is fundamental that everybody has a friend, whom he or she thinks is the best buddy in his or her life. Friendship is a golden chain that links friends whose behaviors and attitudes are the same. Golden chain of friendship gets strong and put hearts together as time goes by. Deep and honest love would result in a lifetime friendship, full of happy memories, which cannot destroy its beauty. As long as the friends are like tears they cannot erase the pleasure that the joy of friendship gives.

Friendship is the priceless gift that cannot be bought or sold because it is just a free gift from God Almighty. Friendship is of nature even animals have it without reasoning capacity. We prove this by seeing animals or birds walking (flocking) or staying together frequently. They always stay together because of partnership and friendship. You can trust your friends if they do not blub secrets because they talk to you honestly and don’t worry about those that talk behind your back. The adhered blooded friend is someone who does not bring up the stupid things you did yesterday. A True friend is the one who cares and puts your need above their own. They know when things are not great and try to help wherever necessary. The only thing is you cannot make another person to be who are or vice versa biologically. Friends are like sandals if they don’t fit you remove them. Many people have failed in life because of peer pressure and influences from the friends in life. Deliberately life without a friend is like a field without grass but one should consider the qualities of a good friend. Better look for a person who will not interfere with your personality and perspective goals. Open your eyes perspicaciously to study the friend you have chosen with cumin pertaining friendship issues. It is better to discard a friend who always leads you into difficult life threats than perverse. It is only you to authenticate the really person you are than being alternate or mere friend in life. The type of a friend you choose determines who you are within yourself and to the other people. Secular values should not be the incubus and disparage to disincline your personal ambitions.


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