Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Fresh memories of yester-years flooded in the gates of my head taking me back to our old time when this thing called Valentine was really valentine. I remember how those days the big show would have been donned with red dresses going with red rose flower for one’s that day valentine. It was fun seeing couple, friend and all kind of companions walk gracefully and majestically to their planned destinations. It was fun because somewhere one had created and told tall lies to parents just to part with some coins for the occasion. Men or boys were on the receiving end because they had to entertain their dates. It was real life and if you did not meet your obligation of taking your date out and our entertainment was when cinemas were the in thing and crowned with boogie dance which was strictly closed before 6.00pm. There was no party after party and strictly as boogie and cinema came to an end the next route was to your parents’ house or home. That would mark the big day until another valentine. That love for the day is no longer in existence. People are so busy without caring for the red dress and flowers. It is even worse now because of plastic flowers which do not impact real life and which are too artificial to be of any benefit to the current generation. I do not want to bore you with my intrigues of the past while one of you might have enjoyed the current set up. Yes old is gold but be advised that all that glitters might not be gold. Which way the current generation. I will tell you that valentine is not all party after party valentine should be something special that will remain in memories forever. It should not be a thing for overnight which only lead to expensive spending without giving a nod for tomorrow. It is better to behave and remain responsible for any eventuality now that the day is over and life must continue with or without valentine. I take this heartily to humbly join my best half and to assure her that memories of yester-year are still fresh in my mind  and  hope it is the same with you.            

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