Fresh fighting erupts again in Tambura

By William Madouk Garang

Fresh fighting has erupted Monday morning in Tambura County of Western Equatoria state in the latest escalation of violence in the restive area.

Western Eqautoria State Information Minister,William Adriano Baike,confirmed to Juba Monitor that heavy gunfire broke out in one of the suburbs of Tambura Town but he is yet to find out more details on what was happening.

MinisterAndriano said the Monday fighting followed high tensions that have been building in the last two days of the week.

“we are still gathering information of what transpired  between 7:00 8:00 and 9:00 11:00 AM, this morning. As I am talking, there is also a fighting along Tambura  –Yambio road. We are yet to get full details and share with media,” he confirmed.

The Tambura conflict that has been raging since June, has killed over 170 people,including theformer Commissioner of Tambura County,Babiro Charles Gbamisi.

Source Yubu, Akpa, Mabenge, Kpatanayo,are most affected areas by the conflict.

According to the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Western Equatoria State, over 28,000 people mainly women and children have been displaced by the violence  which hit Tambura town  and other neighbouring counties of Ezo, Nagero, Nzara and Yambio.

On 31 Aug, 42 dead bodies were discovered by mentoring body and the local authorities in Tambura County, Western Equatoria State. They were bodies of people presumed to have been killed during weeks of violence in the area.

Elites from Western Equatoria State including the former National Speaker, Lino Makana as well as civil society groups, church leaders and community-based organizations have strongly condemned the killings and destruction of properties.

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