Fresh communal fight leaves six dead in Tonj

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least six more people were reportedly killed and several others in Tonj county of Warrap State during a cattle raid Tuesday morning.

On 26 of June 2020, over 32 people were reportedly killed in inter- communal violence in Tonj County.

The fresh violence comes days after the Government announced that it was embarking on a massive disarmament process to collect all arms from the hands of civilians.

According to the Police Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, the disarmament process targets areas with recurring cattle raids and inter-communal fighting.

Gabriel Awan Makuoch , Secretary General for defunct Tonj State told Juba Monitor that the cause of the fresh clashes seemed to be cattle raiding and violence that has been generated by revenge attack.

According to Awan, the fighting started after a man from one of the communities was beaten to death by the members of another community.

He was however optimistic that the disarmament process would solve the issue of cattle raiding stating that it was the main cause of the presence of the arms in the hands of the civilians.

 “Yes fighting still continue within communities but I am sure disarmament will solve all problems because the more the guns were collected from their hands the more peace will build in communities so I believe disarmament will solve the problem if it is done peacefully,” Awan said.

Majok Makuei, one local community chiefs said he was happy to see that arms which were in the hands of the civilians were collected but wonders why the fighting continued.

“I am wondering why fighting still continue while we have disarmament in the county. Soldiers who are doing disarmament in Tonj were not doing their work yesterday they came to my home looking for food instead of asking for my gun,” he said.

He alleges that he was beaten by some of the soldiers carrying out the disarmament when he was stopping them from taking his goat.

He revealed that let the state government sensitize people who are handling the disarmament process. 

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