Freedom of expression is a right

By Agar Mayor Gai

No one who reads can ever bow that he or she has never benefitted from public opinions in one way or another.

Be it students or the government officials, all are known to be beneficiaries of these public says. Public opinions are always aimed at sharing ideas that can hit the major areas of concern about the country’s political, economic and social issues or challenges.

In facebook, newspapers and any other social media coverage, we get that chance of sharing with fellow brothers and sisters whom we cannot meet face to face , the views about different life perspectives and then coming up with an amalgam of their contributions.

However, others should not find that an opportunity to abuse other-selves. They are not to use facebook or any other social medium as a means of communicating ill-talks that incite youths into being partial to tribalism and corruption.

This is not, surely the core purpose of social media. We, if wanting to see the bright rays of peace from a distance, have to refrain from things as such.

Both the young and old people of this country have to know that the reason for public says and a contribution is not as it has been taken. We ought to stretch long our hands in reaching to the places where the power of words is most needed.

You will never get that time to meet all the local people and tell them about the recently signed agreement. It is through the power of social media outlets that we are able to catch up with the day-to-day happenings in this nation.

Let us not be ambassadors of disunity, tribalism and corruption on social media but instead we should be those holding hands together, lifting up high your friends and doing things that not only benefit your country but also do they promote peace and stability among your neighbouring nations.

We should really be thankful to the inventors of social media instead of misusing and diverting the core purpose of social media into something different more over, of a negative nature. Our country has a long way to walk in order to attain real peace , stability and unity. And to do so, social media is a one way to preach to the minds of the 64 tribes of this country that without the other, no progress in any sector can be registered.

We all need one another and this thought should rightly take a space in any citizen’s brain in this nation. The moment we use social media for different individual or tribal reasons, hatred and failure become our best friends.

This accounts for our failure in doing national duties, if given a chance to serve the people, we fill our individual pockets instead. This is as a result of our brains being occupied by tribal and torontoing thoughts. Tribalism and torontoing should not be allowed to alter the real purpose of social media.

God plus our voice for a change, in the way we act towards our elders, the way the elders are failing this nation and the way children and women are being denied their innate rights, should never give a room to the misuse and tribal incitement in social media.

Let us all work towards realizing the encompassing benefits of social media. But though, the government if there exists any revelation of their weaknesses in any social media coverage by a concerned citizen, should not find that an abuse in any form but instead should remember that what the person is doing is virtually lawful because freedom of expression is in itself a right and naturally, it is believed that the moment your weaknesses are stated, you start to change from where you went wrong to another level of betterness.

This means that if people start to criticize the government, it is another good way of changing the national servants such that they do national work fairly and justly. The social media for this purpose is to let you whom we cannot meet personally know where you have walked on the rights of others.

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