Now that Uganda has opened free visa movement for South Sudanese, the latter should reciprocate within the stipulated period of a month so that the freedom is felt on both sides. The move is bringing members of the regional bloc closer together for the good of the East African Region.  Free movement between the country and the neighbouring Kenya was effected last month making it easier for to and fro flow of movement without restriction. Uganda is the major food supplier to the country and all EAC free movement protocols should not be tempered with but should be implemented to enable goods from far as Mombasa to have easy access to border crossing and delivery of goods. Small and medium scale traders will also have easy movement to have their produce and products in criss-cross trading method between the two countries. The government is understood to be working on final formalities to reciprocate the move by the Uganda government. When such noble exercise is taken, both actors and players should not abuse it, but should consider its effects and impacts on the common-man. The security organs of the two countries should desist from harassing the road users and those crossing borders. There are elements within them who capitalize or see such opportunities as money making game and would create anything possible to achieve their goals. They would even create their taxes which are not authorized by the governments to solicit and exploit the public. These are elements which should not be allowed to operate or carry-out their activities which may end up soiling the good relationship between the sisterly states. The free visa move is meant to harmonize and boost trade and not to be used as milk-cow. Time has come that those found abusing the gesture must be dealt with perpendicularly and without mercy.

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