FREE-Visa movementat last

By John Agok

Two counterparts, Presidents SalvaKiir Mayardit and Uhuru Kenya on Saturday last week announced the need to have free visa movement in the region during the zoom meeting of all heads of States of the East Africa Community (EAC) bloc. The two Presidents informed the other heads of the member countries that it was time free visa movements were actualized to boost trade within the bloc.

The leaders agreed that free visa movement in the bloc was a gesture that would strengthen the bilateral relationship and trade among EAC member states.

Ali Mambo of the Kenyan Embassy in Juba told Juba Monitor that “the two presidents made the announcement and they were now waiting for modalities from the two ministries in Juba and Nairobi to work out ways on how to effect the move” that, it is true our two leaders made an announcement on Saturday during the regional summit and we are now waiting for the relevant immigration authorities to effect the presidential orders”.

“We are waiting for further directives from two Interiorministers to instruct immigration departments of the two countries to avail final documents required. We are very optimistic that, this good move will come to its effect soon,” he said.

However, the fact remains that, South Sudan and Kenya are members of East Africa Community (EAC) and deserve some privileges including free visa movement and equal employment in all sectors across the regions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in South Sudan could not be reached for comment by press time to know how soon the action would take off the ground, although earlier information revealed that this had been an on-going matter between the two countries which came into being with the announcement on Saturday.

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