The proposal to have free movement between the regional bloc, the East Africa Community should be a reality to all for ease movement and trade balance. Tanzania, Uganda and Kenyan citizens have for a long time been exempted and indeed trades between these countries continue to increase and boom. That Kenya is working on free visa movement for South Sudanese, is a milestone in itself and will help reduce too much bureaucracies being experienced at the moment. The two government technocrats met in Juba few days back and signed the minutes of the meeting into which is to be approved in Nairobi and agreement signed with or without amendments possibly before December and immediately after, the doors will be opened for free visa movement.  It is hoped that Juba will also do the same to balance the act and ensure eligible Kenyans are not subjected to visa requirements at entry points. Visa has been an issue and some people are forced to the game of “seek and hide” which in itself is a crime. Since South Sudan is a member of EAC, there should be equal treatment of its citizens who should start to enjoy the benefits of the bloc like other member countries. Going by response from the public, it seems they eagerly wanted this exercise to take off the ground earlier but as the saying goes, better late than never. It has been welcomed with relieve from the public. What now remains is for Kenya to live up to the expectation and South Sudan to reciprocate the same considering that the two countries are neighbours and have a lot in common within the trade area. This would also show how close the member countries can work together to better the lives of their people.

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