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FRAUD, Clearing agents warned

By Kidega Livingstone &Nema Juma

Clearing and forwarding agents in the country have been warned against “cheating” the government.

Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority, Dr. Olympio Attipoe cautioned warned.

“We are going to be very strict.Any agent who wants to manipulate with the importers to cheat the government, if we get you, we will revoke your license,” Dr. Attipo warned.”

“If you don’t want to be out of the business, you need to support us the National Revenue Authority to make sure we get appropriate values for the goods you are clearing but do not do it in favor of your importer so that you take something in your pocket.”.

The NRA chief sounded the warning during the closing session of a computer training workshop for clearing agents. The training was supported by the Government of Japan.

Commissioner Attipoe said the training was meant to prepare clearing agents who will be posted to Mombasa and at all the border points.

“We need our agents to be in Mombasa and all the border points but you have to demonstrate whether you have the capacity as a professional in computer. We are going to evaluate you to go and do your work effectively. We have prepared you to take the future of this country in your hands,” he said.

Attipoe urged the agents to make sure that they perform efficiently to earn promotion and rewards.

Lt. Col Jokondo Anthony Jokondo, Head of Statistics at the Customs Service said the training was meant to prepare the clearing agents because South Sudan Custom Union will join the Global Custom Union.

“So it is better for our clearing agents to be ready by now. This will also help them to put in correct data for South Sudan to provide accurate report needed by our donors,” Jokondo said.

“The data collection helps our customs systems and performance of our procedural systems will be going in the right direction or not,” he added.

Clement Jamba, one of the clearing agents said they have acquired enough skills to change the revenue collection systems.


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