Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

When we tell the general public the reasons why it was important to take preventive measures against coronavirus, some of them openly defy our advices. This unknown animal is real and killing. True, it has killed millions of people across the globe but we need to pray for protection if only one can see or witness what is going on with our friends in India. This one is pathetic and need heavenly intervention. We have friends in this country and it is hopeful when you wake without hearing any bad news of a friend or friend of a friend’s demise. What worries me is that the it is called the fourth wave what that means l do not know. It is reported that this fourth wave has killed one person in the neighbouring Uganda. Considering the death toll in India and the scarcity of oxygen, it is obvious that the fourth wave would soon cross the border but that it has been noted in the neigbhourhoods, every possibility of it crossing the border cannot be ruled out. This is why the medics should be very watchful and monitor each and every traveler in and out the country. It should not be taken for granted. I have stopped watching television when coronavirus cases are being reported in India. At the moment that schools are set to open, all precautions must be put in top gears for the protection of our children. It should not be left as a responsibility to the government alone. Everyone including parents must be on the forefront to have preventive measures adequately applied and followed. COVID-19 has shaken the most powerful nations of the world with the USA leading in the number of infections and death before being overtaken with India who is surely struggling to contain the pandemic. With all current technologies and qualified medical personnel, these countries still suffer the most against the spread of the virus. It cannot be compared with the developing world where most countries relies on donation even the vaccine which are provided in piecemeal. The only thing that will save us is to seriously take precaution measures to avoid being caught in the web. We have just had an experience of having been given expired vaccine which could not be used on arrival. We have to be careful because somewhere in which the coronavirus originated, some people have been caught supplying fake vaccines to the world. It is therefore no wonder that Africa could have been duped in one way or another. This the more reasons why we need to be extra careful with ourselves when addressing the COVID-19 cases. For me and myself, l will fully follow the international and local medical requirements, which is to take preventive measures. Follow me and myself. Do not allow to fall into the category of those who believe that coronavirus is not here with us.

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