Cover Story

Fourteen Parties Support National Dialogue

By Morris Dogga

Fourteen Political Parties yesterday signed an agreement in support of the National Dialogue initiated by President Salva Kiir early this year.

The resolution was a result of a symposium held by the political parties last month under the theme “Taking National Dialogue, Peace Reconciliation and National Healing to every heart and hut of South Sudan.”

Kuol Atem signed on behalf of the SPLM, Wilson Lodiong Sebit signed on behalf of the African National Congress (ANC), Mathew Anyor Ayoung signed on behalf of the National Congress Party (NCP) and Teresa Sirisio Iro, the Chairperson of SANU signed on behalf of SANU.

Seth Kumi representing UNMISS and John Onge the Chairperson of the Political Parties Council signed as witnesses.

The fourteen political parties agreed to coordinate and collaborate among themselves with regional and international stakeholders to facilitate the National Dialogue process with the aim of achieving national unity and peaceful coexistence through reconciliation and healing.

This agreement came a day after Juba Monitor reported that some members of the public doubted the initiative of the National Dialogue calling it “deadlock”-a claim the steering committee rubbished.

The political parties said they were inspired by the importance of achieving genuine and an inclusive National Dialogue to enhance just and sustainable peace and reconciliation in the country.

In a statement, the 14 political parties said the National Dialogue was an important peaceful step that had no alternative replacement to end the ongoing violence and conflict in the country since it included the political process of all stakeholders and parties to the conflict.

The statement stated that political parties pledged to conduct joint rallies, seminars, consultations and other relevant events in order to enhance peace, reconciliation and healing in the Country.

The parties further said they would regularly go to constituencies to create awareness and educate grassroots people on the importance of peace, reconciliation and healing in the country.

The statement further added that the National Dialogue was a complementary process to the implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ACRISS) as it comprehensively addresses other forms of disputes in the country.

The parties claimed that the National Dialogue was an inclusive and holistic process that might take short or long term but would eventually address all the grievances and misunderstandings facing the country.

They also made a commitment to achieve a national consensus on resolving all conflicts that would lead to peaceful transformation without external or foreign interference.

The parties said they were aware of the fact that the violence and conflict destroyed the fragile infrastructure, economic gains and fragmented the social fabric of “our society and hindering national building as well as displacement of population particularly the vulnerable groups -women and children.

The parties said within the next few days, members of the political parties will deliver a document to President Salva Kiir for consideration.

The members agreed that the document will also be copied to the IGAD and the National Dialogue Steering Committee.



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