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Four Years strategic plan for Humanitarian launched by HDC


HDC staff after the launch of the plan

By Morris Dogga

Humanitarian and Development Consortium has launched a four-year strategic plan seeking to address food security, peace building, and health among vulnerable communities.

The 2018-2021 Plan launched last week will focus on four pillars. One of the pillars is empowering and building community resilience through food security and sustainable livelihood.

Under this pillar, HDC will be providing tools, training and capacity building to support the development of targeted job creation, entrepreneurial activity.

The plan also focuses on creating market access initiatives to link community particularly those have been traditionally disengaged due to conflict. It further focuses on supporting local markets via cash based interventions.

Still under this pillar, HDC aims at supporting non-formal education related initiatives, particularly those emphasizing Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The second pillar is promoting and delivering peace building, community protection and civic education initiatives.

Under the second pillar, HDC will focus on advocating for gender development issues and mainstreaming, targeting local authority institutions and national government ministries.

It will further focus on supporting psychological support to victims of sexually gender based violence. It will also support gender development initiatives –Women groups, seed grants, economic empowerment projects, and social enterprise focused initiatives.

The third pillar is delivering equitable education and access to learning. The organization will focus on expanding the girl’s education initiative “tomorrow now” to enable additional refugee girls to access education through financial and program sponsorship from the organization.

The strategic plan will also further continue to expand process of school building, renovation and modernization through active fundraising and commitment to supply chain support.

The fourth pillar of HDC will focus on providing public health and community education on health issues. HDC plans to progressively address and contribute to improving sanitation efforts in communities, including process focused on changing attitudes related to cultural practices.

It also plans to carryout campaigns to strengthen and promote preventive healthcare as well as preventing curative healthcare services.

Creating sufficient awareness in basic hygiene through public health focused outreach programs.

HDC is a national Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 2008. It now delivers programming in six states across the country.

Its mission is to support vulnerable people affected by crisis to attain dignified and prosperous lives through impactful community resilience and practical, innovative programs.



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