Four traffic police officers awarded certificates of appreciation

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Four traffic police officers including George Kenyi-stationed at the Seventh Day roundabout have received certificates of appreciation from South Sudan Citizen Diplomacy Foundation (SSCDF).

The appreciation was meant to encourage other officers to work hard and do the right thing while on duty.

The officers awarded include George Kenyi of Seventh Day Roundabout, Deng Baak Baak of Tombura Road, Jemmy B Brown of J1 Ministry Road and Abdul M

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, the police spokesperson appreciated the South Sudan Citizen Diplomacy Foundation for awarding the police officers saying is the way of encouraging officers to do the right things in the country.

He encourages other officers to work hard so that they could get the same awards next time.

“In this world, when you work hard and do the right thing in right place you will always be rewarded even if not today but may be tomorrow, therefore, I am urging you the police officers to respect the citizens of this country,”  he said during the awarding ceremony held at the Mobil Roundabout.

However, he called on the public to report any officer who found of misconducts against the public so that action is taken against such officer.

David Cesar Wani the chairperson and the founder of the South Sudan Citizen Diplomacy Foundation (SSCDF) said they believe in strong unity of its citizens and unite them as a movement towards focused engagement by providing a collective voice, platforms, and tools for organizations that offer opportunities for individuals to be exemplary citizen diplomats.

“Today we gathered here to honor the officers who are working tirelessly in Juba especially the traffic police officers who dedicated themselves to work for the betterment of the country.”

“They have dedicated their selves to work in order to help the citizens of this country that is why we thought that it is important to appreciate and recognize such effort,” he said.

He said SSCDF has the concept that every citizen has the right, and the responsibility to engage across cultures, create and share understanding through meaningful person to person interaction.

 “Today we awarded four (4) officers and other 11 traffic police officers were also awarded with the certificate of recognition,” he said.

According to Wani the SSCDF mission was to inspire, promote, expand, and celebrate opportunities for all South Sudan Citizens to be exemplary citizen diplomats and affirms the indispensable value of purposeful global engagement.

He said the work of creating their vision a reality would continue for generations to come and would take shape in many forms.

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