Four people killed, one wounded in Patiou attack

By Staff writer  

At least four people have been killed and one person wounded in Patiou village of Pakeer payam in Twic East County, Jonglei State after deadly attack on civilians’ cattle camp was reported on Tuesday afternoon.    

Nyuop Peter Chief Administrator of Pakeer payam said it was not the first time that the area had been attacked, saying in 2012, the same area suffered an attack from the Cobra faction where 60 people were killed in a single day.

He said the recent attack was carried out by a group of armed youth from neighboring Pibor Administrative Area.

Nyuop added that in the last weeks there have been attacks on several villages within Jonglei State, describing the situation as “scary.”  

“On Tuesday, a group of organized armed criminals attacked Panyikoi-Palongdiar being Eastern part of Patiou Cattle camp killing four people on spot.”

Nyuop told Juba Monitor on phone from Maar on Wednesday that the armed youth raided the cattle when youth in the area had gone to repair the dyke.

“This tragic incident happened at around 1:25 pm when organized youth opened fire on the youth who were grazing the cattle. So as a result, they killed four energetic young men, wounded one person. I can confirm that they have raided the cattle,” he explained.

According to Peter, at least over 1000 herds of cattle have been raided by the attackers.

He added that the incident happened at the Eastern part of Patiou village along Bor South and Twic East.

He said the youth from both Pakeer area and Jalle of Bor South were still pursuing the cattle since the raiders were heading towards the east direction.

Greater Jonglei State has continued to experienced communal and tribal violence in the past years being cattle raiding, child abduction and innocent killings.

A committee to resolve conflict in Greater Jonglei State has been formed by the President last week until now, the committee has not traveled to the site.

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