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Four People killed in Western Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least four people were killed by unknown gunmen on Thursday in Western Lakes State capital, Rumbek.

The four people were killed on Thursday evening between 6:00 and 7:00 PM local time in Rumbek.

The police commissioner of Western Lakes State, Major Gen. Riak Tong however declined to comment on the incident.

“Why are you asking and I am not from the state, you can contact those who gave you information that four have been killed in Rumbek and not me to give you the information,” he said. When asked to comment on rampant insecurity and incidences of people being targeted and killed in Rumbek.

In an exclusive interview to the Juba Monitor, Moses Manyiel , a local resident in Rumbek called on the government, the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and Council of States to listen to the voices of the people of Rumbek by approaching President Salva Kiir to declare a state of emergency and forceful disarmament of Gelwong Armed Youth to alleviate insecurity in Western Lakes State.

“We really feel tortured and dealt with by our own government through this kind of situation where people are being killed every day and there is no response from the National government”. Said Manyiel

Manyiel said that the situation in Western Lakes State is beyond and out of the state government control.

“As we speak, everybody has become a target, worried and insecure about himself in the state capital whether police or military,” said Manyiel

He said there is need for President Kiir to declare a state of emergency and deploy SPLA forces in Western Lakes State before anything happens again.

“We want the President to continue loving us as we love him during those dark days in the bush because if we did not love him, we wouldn’t have given him our Icon bull or reconciled him with Dr. John Garang in order to save the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) from collapsing in 2004,” he said.

He further added that people are unable to cultivate, harvest crops or walk freely just because of rampant insecurity which has subjected everybody including the organize forces in Western Lakes State.

“Our properties, cows and food items are looted at night and on the road, people are living in a situation of if your properties are taken and you are not killed then your safe and if killed your gone,” said Manyiel

Attempt by Juba Monitor to reach Western Lakes State Minister of Information for comment on the incidence were futile.











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