Four killed, three others arrested in Leer cattle raid

By Peter Gatkuoth

At least four people have been killed and three others arrested in cattle related attack in the outskirt of Leer County over the weekend.

According to locals, the incident happened after a group of youth allegedly from one villages in Leer try decided to raid cattle from another villages on Sunday evening.

Riek Makuach, an elder in Leer told Juba Monitor that those who survived ran without taking any cattle.

“Four youth lost their lives and three were arrested on the scene. Two ran away. They were killed by armed youth guarding the cattle at the outskirt of the town,” he stated.

Since the conflict erupted in South Sudan, people of Leer and neighboring counties have been accusing each other over cattle raiding.

Many people believe that cattle are source of income for their family, but cases of cattle raid have been rampant.

Makuach said the police in the area have contained the situation and called for additional investigation into the incidents.

It is not the first time that people have lost their lives as a result of cattle raiding.

Cattle raiding has a long history in South Sudan. However the vast supply of small arms in civilian hands has led to raids becoming more violent in the recent years.

Leer was the former capital city of defunct Southern Liech State.

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